Beautiful Town in Neelum District, Azazd Kashmir, Pakistan.

Athmuqam (also known as Athmakam) is a town and the headquarter of Neelum district in Azad Kasmir.

Located at an elevation of 1,440 metres, Athmuqam is surrounded by lush green mountains and forests with deodar, pine, cheer and fir trees.

There are Two hiking tracks, one is from Rawta leads to Guther and the other toward Dogga top.

Athmuqam is a town and a tehsil of Neelum district, Located 73 kilometres from Muzaffarabad, in Azad Kashmir, Pakistan.

Athmuqam Azad Kashmir Pakistan

Athmuqam Azad Kashmir Pakistan

River facing rest houses and hotels, makes Authmuqam a perfect place for visitors.


Facilities include :

Major Crops

  • Maize is the major crop of this area and vegetables are also cultivated in a limited way for personal usage.

  • Walnut and Apple are best production of Athmuqam and are supplied to other parts of Kashmir and Pakistan.

  • Water requirements are fulfilled by frequent natural springs.


  • Finding the right place to stay is not a difficult thing to be done thanks to the fact that it is quite a famous tourists attraction.

  • Various places are available in this town that would provide you with utmost level of comfort.

  • The town has many rest houses and hotels for tourists stay, Some of them are being taken care by the Public Works Department.

  • Private rest houses also available at reasonable rates.


  • Road

  • Athmuqam is connected from Muzaffarabad by Neelum Road, which leads up to Kel. The road condition from Muzaffarabad to Athmuqam is good and suitable for any kind of transport.

    Public transport like buses, wagons and jeeps are available from Muzaffarabad to Athmuqam in good weather.

    The road conditions in winter are extreme. The road onward Keran is blocked due to heavy snowfalls often in winter and it is very difficult to reach upper parts of the valley. There are also land slidings in some areas due to heavy rain.

  • Rail

  • Sharda is not served by any rail connections.

Travel Tips

  • It can be an incredible journey, as long as you take the necessary precautions and heed weather warnings.

  • Always, check the forecasts, since the conditions can change very quickly.

  • Warm clothes and Raincoat are must, as the weather can change at any time.

  • Make sure you have your NIC, Passport, etc.

  • Much of the road trip is driven through remote lands, so be sure that your vehicle has passed all of its inspections and is well-equipped. Bring spare tires, extra gasoline, and a radio for additional safety.

  • Some areas are prone to floods and landslides, so do not attempt this road with a car that does not perform well in the elements.

  • Due to strong ultra violet rays, it is recommended to wear a hat and sunglasses, also carry sun block creams.

  • For uphill trekking, a Trekking pole and a good pair of climbing shoes or joggers are recommended.

  • To avoid de-hydration while trekking, mineral water is highly recommended.

  • For long trek, proper food intake is important. Also carry sweets, toffees, chocolates, dry fruits etc.

  • Please keep the environment clean at all times, on the route and around the valley.