Old coastal town located in the Makran coastal region.

Ormara is an old coastal town located in the Makran coastal region on the Arabian Sea.

Its historical routes are linked with Alexander the Great, who stayed there with his army for a few days on his way back from the Indus region after conquering the lands of Sindh, Punjab and the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa regions of modern-day Pakistan in 400 BC. One of his generals, Ormoz, died there, and the present day city was named after him.

Ormara is an old coastal town in Gwadar District in Balochistan province of Pakistan.It is located 360 km west of Karachi and 230 km east of Gwadar on the Arabian Sea.

Ormara Beach Balochistan

Ormara Beach Balochistan

Ormara coastal city comprises of some of the best beaches in the world. The long clean beach with blue water waves mesmerizes the brain and provides peace to the body.

  • Before independence, it was part of the state of Las Bela and afterward it became part of Makran Division.

  • Being an isolated town, it remained undeveloped; however, after construction of Makran Coastal Highway and Jinnah Naval Base, life has taken a positive change for the locals with many local industries and the resultant increase in jobs available for the locals.

  • Most of the population is of Baloch and 99.9 percent of them are Muslims. They belong Sanghur, Sajdi, Bezinjo, Rind and Koh Baloch tribes.

  • Ormara has a port and fish harbour.

  • Most residents make their livelihood from fishing, a few of them also work in Middle Eastern countries.

Jinnah Naval Base

  • Jinnah Naval Base is a strategic naval base of the Pakistan Navy located at Ormara, Balochistan, Pakistan. It is named after Pakistans founder, Mohammad Ali Jinnah. It is Pakistans second largest naval base.

  • Construction of the Base began in 1994 and the Base was inaugurated on 22 January 2000. The Base was constructed at a cost of Rs. 4.5 billion.

Makran Coastal Highway

  • The Makran Coastal Highway or National Highway 10 is a 653 km national highway in Pakistan which extends along Pakistans Arabian Sea coast from Karachi in Sindh province to Gwadar in Balochistan province. It passes the towns of Ormara and Pasni.

  • Makran Coastal Highway links Ormara to Karachi (360 km East) and Gwadar (230 km West).

  • Ormara has witnessed considerable growth in recent years especially with the foundation of the Makran Coastal Highway, which integrated the area more with the mainstream Pakistani economy and major urban centres allowing for easier transport of goods, commerce and people.

Ramsar Site (No. 1070)

  • Ormara Turtle Beach is a sandy beach extending about 10 km along the shores of the Arabian Sea. It was designated a Ramsar Site (No. 1070) on 10 May 2001.


  • Air

  • There is a domestic airport, located at Ormara, but service is no longer available.

  • Road

  • Makran Coastal Highway(N-10) connects Ormara to Karachi in east and Gwadar in west.

  • Rail

  • Ormara is not served by any rail connections.

  • Port

  • Ormara has a port and fish harbour.