Lake View Park

The vast expanse of nature on display at Lake View Park is breathtaking.

Lake View Park

Lake View Park is fast becoming one of Islamabad and Rawalpindis most popular recreational avenues, due to the many leisure activities it provides. The park was built with efforts of Chairman CDA Kamran Lashari and runs under the administration of CDA (Capital Development Authority).

The Park is constructed at the bank of Rawal Lake, which is an artificial reservoir that fulfills water needs for cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad. Rawal Lake is surrounded by a forest of indigenous flowering trees, On the Lakes edge you can spot several birds especially the Mallard or wild duck, making the Park a favourite spot for Islamabads bird watchers. Also you can spot indigenous wildlife which includes the common fox, pangolin, porcupine, jungle cat, jackal, yellow-throated marten and even wild boars.

Lake View Park (also Rawal Lake View Point) is a recreational area and wildlife park constructed alongside Rawal Lake on Murree Road, Islamabad, Pakistan.

The park has become a favorite picnic spot for people of Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

Lake View Point Islamabad

Lake View Point Islamabad

The vast expanse of nature on display at Lake View Park is breathtaking.


  • Located at the bank of Rawal Lake, the park is a pleasure place of International standards. The park has been facilitated through many facilities by CDA such as it encompasses Busses, passenger trains, games, fun rides for younger and elders. In addition to that it offers amenities of adventure sports and these includes sports like paintball, car dodging, speed boats, quad motocross, wall climbing and scooter boats as well. Moreover motorized and ordinary boats are also present for families and individual. The park also consists of a small passenger train; even a separate small zoo has been made in the park of rare species of birds.

  • Cleanliness of the park is maintained by the authorities and has made separate bathrooms for both ladies and gents on different locations of the park. For the visitors food points and refreshment stalls are also organized in different places of the park and a restaurant named 'Dera' also offers foodstuff and refreshing stuff and to enjoy BBQ the authorities have placed grills on different places of park. On the other hand, visitors mostly bring their own meals to enjoy picnic with their friends and relatives.

  • To entertain the visitors the management has also organized live music. CDA encompasses numerous workers that are working in the park that includes gardeners, security guards, sanitary workers and other administrative staff. The parking area of the park is quiet immense and cheap.


  • The reservoir is of considerable importance for wintering waterfowl, especially Anas platyrhynchos.

  • Resident mammals include the common Fox, Pangolin, Porcupine, Jungle cat, Jackal, Wild boar and yellow-throated marten.

  • Reptiles include Indian Cobra and Russell's Viper.

  • It is a good place for birds watching, as the majority of Birds of Islamabad are found here.

  • There are 15 fish species belonging to 11 genera that present in Rawal Lake. The fish species in Rawal lake and its tributaries include: Doula (Channa channa), Rahu (Labeorohita), Thaila (Catla catla), Mori(Cirrhinus mrigala), Carp fish (Cyprinus carpio)and Talapia(Tilapia mossambica).


  • The journey to the Lake View Park is not difficult. While traveling from Islamabad to Murree (Murree Road N75) a road turns right just before Barakahu (Lake Park Road), it will lead you to the Lake View Parking area.

  • Parking is very vast and inexpensive.

  • Public Transport (Vans and Buses) from Rawalpindi and Islamabad is also available to reach the park.

Facilities and Services

Lake View Park is a popular picnic spot with many facilities, Some of the facilities here include: